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“Mind the Map” in Prag

Das Künstler Kollektiv Time’s Up stellt das Projekt “Mind the Map” im Austrian Culutural Forum während der East Doc Platform in Prag aus. 2014 wurde ich mit den Illustrationen für diese Erzählung beauftragt. “Mind The Map” konzentriert sich auf das Themenfeld Migration. Erarbeitet als „physical narrative“ – einer Erzählung, inszeniert im realen Raum und vom Publikum explorativ erfahrbar – setzt sich die künstlerische Arbeit mit Praktiken der europäischen Migrations- und Asylpolitik auseinander, insbesondere mit den Flüchtlingsbewegungen im Mittelmeer.   Mind the Map Austrian Cultural Forum Prague 07.03.2016 – 15.04.2016 Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 10-17 h Official Opening: 10.03.2016 – 17h “We started the development of Mind The Map, focussing on facts, stories and fictions of European migration policies, with a special concentration on the Mediterranean, long before the migration-flows reached the centers of Europe. Media channels were not bursting with headlines about refugees, their routes and their fates at this point. Right wing agitation wasn’t as widespread as it has become in the last few months, anxieties not as pronounced as nowadays, Pegida wasn’t …

The golden rescue blanket

Since summer 2014 I‘m commissioned to illustrate for the Time‘s up project „Mind the Map“. Time‘s up is a„laboratory for the construction of experimental situations“. „With Mind the Map an audience dives into a complex network of individual biographies, muddled company and family histories and the ongoing crisis of migration policy in Europe.“ An illustrated book for „Mind the Map“ is growing and one of the nicest parts of this work is: some of the drawings are allowed to sneak out of the book case into the room. Due to this we made a cardboard „prototyp“ and give a first try to transfer printing with lavender oil. Smells sooo tired, but works out fine.