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Angry women*

Feeling so furious about Poland’s misogynistic government.
Demonstrating women* and striking sisters*: stay strong and safe 🖤
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My body my choice

Thousands are demonstrating in Warsaw, across Poland and in front of Polish embassies through Europe against most restrictive abortion law in Poland.

strajk kobiet | polish women strike | Illustration: Silke Müller |
2021 Update

I cannot tell how disappointed and sad I am for all demonstrating people in Poland, for all striking women and queers of #strajkkobiet, who fight for abortion rights.
The new misogynist abortion law is an almost complete ban and has now come into force. 

My illustration “solidarity sisters” is inspired by a picture Leszek Szymanski took for dpa.

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  1. Silke sagt

    Hi, without asking for permission you are not allowed using my illustrations on your website. As you should know this is copyright infringement. Please put my artwork off your website.

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