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popu stress club – Zinefair 22.4.23

Visit a great zinemaker/artist line up

Potato Publishing is a non-commercial label and artist collective. They offer an open risography printing workshop, an open archive/library, and organize events and workshops in the field of self-publishing. They are open for collaborations and exchange of knowledge and ideas.

For the zine fair at KAPU I was invited too, and well I’m honored!! And if you come by you can also see my zines, a few Risos and silkscreen prints.


starting 7pm
KAPU, Kapuzinerstraße 36, 4020 Linz

presented by @hirnplatzt and POPU
It’s going to be $treSsFul
Expect a hyperactive evening packed with music, tattoo sessions and great prints & zines.

©Potato Publishing

Jukebox Utopia (Vienna)
Djshinsekai (Vienna) @djshinsekai & Friends
Cachihi (Linz) @c_a_c_h_i_c_h_i

Untergrundel Fischpunx
Maria Melotti

⚡Stefan Ćirić aka Tearzdrop sees himself as a multimedia artist and his work ranges from collage to illustration and videos. There’s a good chance you will meet him at Kobra Deluks tattoo studio, where he’s a member of the crew. He will tattoo in KAPU on 22nd, come by on Saturday and take your chances in his Tattoo-Tombola, great bargains await! $ You’ll also able to acquire some of his amazing prints and zines!

Special !!! Tape recording lo-fi toilet studio !!! by Apephonie Productions


©Potato Publishing


1 Doner Club is an Italian comics collective. They make cheap underground publications rather than fancy volumes and use humans, machines or animals as characters without discrimination!

2 Enter Press is a collective of illustrators and a riso print studio based in Bologna, Italy. Since 2020 it has been publishing and printing small books with a special attention on comics and contemporary drawing.

3 Matrijaršija is an autonomous cultural center in Belgrade that aims to become a powerful generator of turbulent art by providing space for non-institutional and outsider art. Their creativity is poetically and categorically difficult to define and is dedicated to recognizing the codes of social roles and structures in order to enable their recombination.

4 Momo_161 likes to draw and paint and do printmaking because it’s so slow and inefficient, he thinks that’s cool.

5 Never Brush My Teeth (they/them) is a zine-maker, painter and toy-maker currently based in Athens, Greece. They have been making & printing zines for the past decade, usually themed abstractly around personal thoughts, trauma, wishes and feelings. Together with friends, they run a small risograph press called “Sleep On It Press”.

6 Partizan Print is a silkscreen printing laboratory and art collective from Skopje. Their workshop was initiated in 2015 as part of FRIK Festival and established in 2017.

7 Risograd is a DIY Riso-Printing collective from Graz (Austria). They organize workshops and facilitate independent publishing culture by providing infrastructure and assistance.

8 Silke Müller is a freelance illustrator and works mostly for cultural initiatives and NGOs. Silke likes to make zines because she likes to draw stories, write them and publish them independently. She does this in her studio, which is part of the HolzHaus Ateliers.

9 The Vienna Printing Cooperative is a collectivist risography studio and small publishing house in 1160 Vienna. The printing, publishing and distribution of books, zines and printed objects is the core task of the association. Gegen die Vereinzelung. Hoch die Kooperative!

Ich liebe dieses tolle Plakat von Potato Publishing

1 Andrea Hörndler is an illustrator and graphic designer from linz, her work can be found in a wide variety of areas, from posters to animation videos.

2 Dana Rausch works and studies in Linz and in her risographed regression sheets deals with the intersections of individual, social, political and psychological aspects. Observations become nested sentences,form short stories – they appear fragmentary, yet weave a narrative or common denominator through the zine.

3 Jennifer Eder lives and works in Linz. Her drawings, paintings and prints provide space for banal, crazy, trivial, funny, meaningful, irrelevant, unpleasant or peculiar observations.

4 KEDA*PRESS is an independent puplishing house and a printing studio for art prints and books from Thessaloniki. They collaborate with artists, designers and all kind of creative groups.

5 Kudla Werkstatt is a Risography studio and publishing house based in Prague, working in collaboration with artists from various fields, and focusing on detail and quality of craft.

6 Die Kunstblumen are a collective of Linz based artists. They organize artsales and other nice things in different venues all over the city.

7 Lizzy is a Linz based illustrator. She skillfully creates an often surreal world with great attention to detail and created artworks for numerous internationally known bands, festivals and venues.

8 Omar Cheikh is a comic artist, animator and illustrator living and working in Bologna/Italy. His works were published in several renowned underground anthologies. He is part of the fabulous Artist Collective @titivil and currently on residency in Tabor/Czech Republic.

9 Replikat Press is a printing and publishing studio based in Vienna. orking together with artists and also producing own content Replikat is placed in the fields of photography, urban exploring, contemporary art and design.

10 SOYBOT is a Vienna-based micro publishing collective. The members share an affinity to graphics, illustration and hardwear. Their work and prints are published in small editions using different printing methods such as screen, riso and laser print.

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Silke Müller Born 1980, studied in Weimar and Wismar/DE, is an illustrator and her studio is based in Linz since 2010. Geboren 1980, Designstudium in Weimar und Wismar, arbeitet seit 2010 als Illustratorin in Linz.