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Artist in Residence at Klaipėda

After three days of travelling from home port Linz I started working at the temporary studio in the port of call Klaipėda/Lithuania. 21 hours crossing the Baltic Sea by ferry was a sunny, windy adventure.
Not coincidently this hanseatic destination was chosen, I‘ll do a documentation for KCCCs „Travel Agency“ and drawings, information graphics an research for the exhibition “The search for a safe harbour”.

Project ″Travel Agency″: „The residents involved in ″Travel Agency″ are suggested to reflect on the Klaipeda region and the city, to write diaries and keep their ″route accounting″, which equates the residency to travel agency engaging in cultural journeys. (…)“ The working process is documented in a tumblr.

If you are near by, come for coffee, the studio is right in the centre of the town.
Luckly very close to the Old Ferry Harbour: Baznyciu gatve 4.
It belongs to the generous KCCC, the Kulturu Komunikaciju Centras.

kulturpolis article
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LinzEXPOrt is a funding program of the City of Linz for artists to enable experimental and processual work in conjunction with a stay abroad. LinzEXPOrt supports “The search for a safe harbour”.