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Cabinet of Futures, Medusa Bar, Time's Up, Valletta 2018, Malta, Birkirkara | Illustration: Silke Müller | Foto: © Tina Auer

Cabinet of Futures – Die maltesische Medusa Bar

Zum Ars Electronica Festival 2017 ist die Stadt des Künstlerkollektivs Time’s Up “Turnton Docklands” im Lentos Kunstmuseum eingezogen. (Artikel lesen) In diesem Sommer bespielt sie mit dem “Cabinet of Futures” ein Stockwerk vom Gemeindehaus “St Joseph the Worker Parish Centre” in Birkirkara. Die kleine Stadt ist auf Malta und ein Venue des Kulturhaupstadtjahres “Valetta 2018”. Ausstellung: 24.8.2018 – 24.11.2018, täglich Di-So 16:00 – 20:00 Ċentru San Ġużepp Ħaddiem, Triq Bwieraq, Birkirkara, Malta

Silke Müller

the Med is a trap

My favourite working materials are ink and paper. White paper, coloured paper, carbon paper, thin paper, cloudy watercolour paper, or at least cardboard is okay. And honestly: the easiest format is 21×29,7cm. This map is made of PVC, originally used for pools and artificial ponds and it fills the studio with 380x540cm and over 40 kilos. One needs a team to hang and move the illustration, which is based on the research of The Migrant Files.

The search for a safe harbour – Ausstellung

Exhibition 24.9. – 19.10.2014 One year in “The search for a safe harbour”, the calling port Klaipeda is in this moment my current location. As European citizen I tried to find 26 + 1 positioning marks between public and private concerning the idea of free mobility among and besides the European Union. With drawing and collecting an illustrated research I want to touch a position on a map, where so-called Western humanity and privileges are setting horrifying borders. Europe is not the heartbeat of humanity * On October, 3rd, 2013 was a day for crying. An Libyan migrant ship, on voyage from Misurata, Lybia to Lampedusa (Italy) with about 500 Eritrean and Somalian migrants, lost power, caught fire and sank after capsizing. 1 1/2 nm away from the safe harbour of the European island Lampedusa, 1/2 nm before the shore of Isola dei Conigli (Rabbit Isalnd). Most of the poor passengers have paid between $8,000 and $12,000 dollars for the transfer to Europe. 366 people drowned. They could see land. 155 people survived the disaster. …

Artist in Residence at Klaipėda

After three days of travelling from home port Linz I started working at the temporary studio in the port of call Klaipėda/Lithuania. 21 hours crossing the Baltic Sea by ferry was a sunny, windy adventure. Not coincidently this hanseatic destination was chosen, I‘ll do a documentation for KCCCs „Travel Agency“ and drawings, information graphics an research for the exhibition “The search for a safe harbour”. Project ″Travel Agency″: „The residents involved in ″Travel Agency″ are suggested to reflect on the Klaipeda region and the city, to write diaries and keep their ″route accounting″, which equates the residency to travel agency engaging in cultural journeys. (…)“ The working process is documented in a tumblr. If you are near by, come for coffee, the studio is right in the centre of the town. Luckly very close to the Old Ferry Harbour: Baznyciu gatve 4. It belongs to the generous KCCC, the Kulturu Komunikaciju Centras. more: kulturpolis article project tumblr LinzEXPOrt is a funding program of the City of Linz for artists to enable experimental and processual work in …